Is Surrogacy for you?

Only a very caring and unselfish person would even consider learning to be a surrogate mother. The rewards of giving such an incredible gift are great, but, so can be the stresses and the sacrifices. Being a surrogate isn’t easy and it is not for everybody. So, how do you know if it’s for you? The best advice we are able to give is to think hard about the many ways being truly a surrogate will affect your daily life and do a little soul searching.

Below, we have listed several important issues you should consider when you are trying to decide if becoming a surrogate is for you personally. If, after considering every thing in this article, you are still thinking about becoming a surrogate and you think you would be a good candidate, we wish you the best of luck in making your lucky couple’s dreams come true!

Your Physical Health

How is your health in general?
Do you have any long-term illnesses that may prevent you from successfully carrying a pregnancy to term?
Do you have a good reproductive history?
Did you conceive easily?
Were your pregnancies and deliveries reasonably easy and without complications?

Your Support System

If you are married, does your husband support your decision to be a surrogate?
If you’re not married, do you have a person who you can talk to for support during the surrogacy?
If your kids are old enough to comprehend surrogacy, are they more comfortable with the idea of you becoming a surrogate?
How will it make you feel if/when you are confronted by other people who might disapprove of your being a surrogate?
How does it make you feel if/when your children are confronted by others who may possibly disapprove of your being a surrogate?

Emotional Problems

Can you be reasonably sure that you can handle giving up a daughter or son that you will carry for 9 months?
In traditional surrogacy, you will be the child’s genetic mother. Might it be difficult for you to forget about a child that you have a genetic link to?
Will becoming a surrogate cause problems within your marriage?
Will being a surrogate cause a great amount of stress in your relationships with those closest for you (family, friends, coworkers, and so on )?
As with any pregnancy, there is always a possibility of complications which could result in fertility problems for you down the road. How would it make you feel to no more be able to have children due to the surrogacy? How would it not affect your marriage?

Medical Issues

If you will be a gestational surrogate, are you prepared for the medical protocol, which will require daily injections?
The chances of a multiple pregnancy are increased in gestational surrogacy. How do you feel about carrying multiples?
How would you are feeling if your doctor requires you to drastically reduce your activity or go on bed rest in case of a high-risk or multiple pregnancy?

Decision Making

If it was discovered that the daughter or son you are carrying has a physical defect, how will you experience terminating the pregnancy? (Note: If you would not be comfortable terminating the pregnancy, it generally does not mean that you will not make an excellent surrogate. It only implies that you need to find a couple who agrees with your point of view. )
If you become pregnant with multiples, how would you feel about selective reduction? (Note: Much like abortion, if you are not comfortable with reduction, it is essential that you will find a couple who shares your views. )

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